How to Make a Medical Mask

 Make a Medical Mask At this time, the CDC has suggested people start making their own cloth masks in the house. While they aren’t medical grade, they can aid in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Learn just how to stitch your own mask from Shari Sims, a Kendra Scott employee from Austin, TX that’s assisting make masks out of our personalized bandannas for wellness heroes in requirement. In Shari’s words,” Being able to have the skill to aid to secure somebody on the cutting edge of this pandemic brings comfort and also drive to remain to stitch as numerous masks as I perhaps can for those who need it most.”. 

See the video clip over and also follow our step by step instructions on just how to make a face mask. No stitching products in your home? We additionally have one more tutorial in our Instagram Stories Highlights to show you exactly how to make a mask with a bandanna and also 2 elastic bands– enjoy that below or look into the complete highlight here. 


 Make a Medical Mask

One 100% cotton bandanna.Cut this into a 15 x 7.5″ square. Cut 2, 40″ x 1.75″ pieces of the bandana to be utilized as textile ties. Cut one 7 x 7″ item of fusible interfacing. One spool of fashion jewelry wire, cut into a 6.5″ straight item for the nose.

STEP 1. 

Once you have actually cut your products, you will certainly iron down the interfacing to the inside of your bandanna square. Then you will fold up in half, leaving the fusible interfacing revealing on the top. 

STEP 2. 

Pin the raw edges of the bandanna along the 7.5″ width seam with each other, and also stitch a 5/8″ seam allowance. Stitch for 2 inches, leave a 3.5″ space for the filter pocket, then wage sewing the last two inches. 

STEP 3. 

Iron down the seam allocation to produce the filter pocket. After ironing, you will certainly push back the edges to the raw interfacing and also sew along the fold 3/8″ seam along with the entire layer. This will produce a tube to feed your jewelry cable with to work as your nose item. 

STEP 4. 

Turn the textile inside out as well as iron the textile so it lays level. Then find the tube you just created to feed the fashion jewelry wire through. 

STEP 5. 

Create 3, 1″ pleats along the rear end of your mask. Make sure each of these is pinned. 

STEP 6. 

Flip over the mask and also iron gently to establish your pleats in position. 

STEP 7. 

If you have a prejudice tape manufacturer, this would help you in this action of creating your own fabric ties. Nevertheless, you could additionally make use of flexible, hair ties, ribbons and shoelace for this action. Ultimately, these will be your earpieces. 

After feeding through the predisposition tape manufacturer, you will iron down the product in the process. 

STEP 8. 

Locate the middle of your material tie, and also pin sideways of your mask. Sew down the ties from top to bottom, as you gradually get rid of the pins along the way. 

Repeat this step on the opposite. 

STEP 9. 

Iron your mask once again as well as you’re done! 


Once you have your finished masks, you can store them in a firmly secured ziplock bag for security. 


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