USE & RE-USE A FACE MASK As clinical professionals find out more regarding COVID-19 as well as the pandemic remains to progress, so also do standards for that need to put on a face mask, when and where. 

Sarasota Memorial Hospital recently implemented a global covering up a plan for staff and service providers that enter into call with patients (masks are made available for all staff), to even more safeguard clients, staff as well as the community. As well as on April 3, the federal Centers for Disease Control and also Avoidance (CDC) provided a referral that the general public use fabric masks or face coverings (except babies as well as little ones) when going out, particularly in areas where area spread of COVID-19 is high. 

Yet face masks are only efficient for protection if they are managed, put on, kept and gotten rid of correctly. Made use of incorrectly, and the masks come to be lorries for spreading out bacteria. 

If you prepare to wear a face mask, you must learn the proper way to make use of and re-use it. To assist with that, Sarasota Memorial nurse Jennifer Sorensen, Registered Nurse, provides a detailed mask-wearing how-to, in addition to some do’s and also don’ts. 

Face Mask Do’s & Don’ts. 


Before and after taking care of the mask (to put it on, readjust or take it off), do exercise appropriate hand health. Either clean your hands or make use of hand sanitizer before and also after you touch the mask– EVERY SINGLE TIME– to reduce cross-contamination risk. The outside of the mask is considered unclean. Do mark the outside of the mask in some way so you can quickly recognize which side is the outside of the mask, and handle it as necessary. (At SMH, team marks the outdoors with their initials in long-term ink.). 

Do keep a paper bag handy for keeping the mask every time you take it off; a plastic Ziploc-style baggie is an alternative if a paper bag is not readily available. Constantly save a mask in a clean place. Never ever store it in a bag or pocket. Do not touch the beyond your mask while it is on your face. Do not pull your mask below your chin while you \’re using it. Leaving the mask dangling or improperly fitted to your face develops opportunities for cross-contamination. 

Mask Use & Re-use How-to. 


  1. Clean your hands using correct hand health.
  2. Loop flexible over your ears. Pull it down to ensure that it’s covering under your chin; protect it to your face by squeezing over your nose. Make certain it’s on good and safe.
  3. Prior to getting rid of the mask, clean your hands.
  4. Get rid of the mask utilizing the ear loopholes.
  5. Inspect it to make sure it can be reused. Has it been endangered? Is it wet? Noticeably soiled? If it is, go on and also throw it away, then perform hand health. If the mask is ALRIGHT to recycle, prepare it for storage. (Next action.).
  6. Fold the mask in half (lengthwise or widthwise), so the outdoors surface areas are touching each various other. Place it thoroughly right into your tidy storage area/bag. Seal the bag, if you \’re using a paper one; if making use of a plastic baggie, leave it open.
  7. Carry out hand hygiene.
  8. To reapply the mask, initial do hand hygiene, then open up the mask storage bag.
  9. Comprehend the mask by the elastic ear loopholes to remove it from the bag, then look to see where the beyond the mask is by finding your recognizing mark.
  10. Make use of the ear loopholes to place it on and also tuck it under your chin. Secure it to your face at the bridge of your nose. Execute hand hygiene, as well as stay secure as well as healthy and balanced.

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